Alisha’s Dream

In by Alisha Thomson

Fundraising for research into low grade ovarian cancer for a better future. After a stage 4 ovarian cancer diagnosis at the age of 27 in 2016 I have a dream of a future with better treatment options for myself and women like me. This disease has very little research and very few specific treatments, it needs more support.

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I live in Townsville, North Queensland. I have a love for life and enjoy spending my time with friends, my dog, going to the gym and playing touch football. I love my job as a doctor and feel passionately about reducing the stigma around mental illness and the wellbeing of doctors. Nov 18th 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 low grade ovarian cancer. My life changed forever. It might seem odd however I feel ovarian cancer has made me incredibly strong and has given me perspective on life. I appreciate my friends and family more and I value living in the moment. I believe everyone should have a bucket list that they tick off throughout there life rather than wait for retirement. You never know how life will turn out.

As a doctor I was horrified by the statistics for ovarian cancer and the significant disparity between the funding of different cancers. Ovarian cancer needs more awareness of the vague signs but it also needs funding for research into better treatments. I recall looking up my statistics when I was diagnosed, the 5 year survival rate was 17%. The odds for ovarian cancer have not improved at the rate of the other cancers such as breast because it hasn’t had the same level of funding or support. When my oncologist started me on chemotherapy they did not expect it to work, low grade often doesn’t respond. I asked her why I had to be on chemotherapy if it wasn’t expected to help me, just make me unwell. She said I had no other options, we didn’t have specific treatments available for low grade. So we took a gamble with my life.

I thankfully have responded to chemotherapy which as kept me alive thus far. As of Feb 2020 I have just started my third course of chemotherapy. I had a brief period of 8 months where my scans were clear where I got back to work and had just started to hope that maybe I could be someone who beats the odds before my cardiac metastasis showed up again on the scan. I truly do hope that the money we raise will fund research that could give me a treatment option through a clinical trial that might just save my life.

Every donation counts, thank you.

Alisha xo

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    Good job!
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    Great job, Jules!
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    Nice one Jo!
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    Keep smiling 🙂
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    For team Alisha, and for Janice
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    Thinking of you Alisha! You’re amazing!
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    Great job Alisha!
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    We love you Alisha! You are a pillar of strength and we are so grateful you can access this new medication. Love always xoxo
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    Looking forward to hearing there's an early detection test for this awful cancer. Well done Jo for heeling fund such important research xx
  13. Jacqueline Scott

    And the 200km doesn’t even include your steps on the netball court! Go Jo!!
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    Great effort here Jo and Team, well done on raising $ and awareness for such a worthwhile cause.
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    Incredibly proud of you Alisha!! Xxx
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    For all women ?
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    For all of our cancer fighting doctor team.
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    This is such a worthwhile cause. I am grateful to everyone who is participating in the Step Up Challenge to shine a light on womens' cancer and in particular Ovarian cancer. Jill
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    Go Jo and team Alicia!
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    Congratulations on your commitment to creating awareness and supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Together we can all make a difference. Go Team Alisha!
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    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Life brings challenges and adversity will get most through - but every cent of fundraising for research will help make the world of difference to many.
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    Well done Jules, a very worthy cause.
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    You're gonna smash this Jules! ?❤? for a very worthy cause xxx
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    Because we need to find a cure to save innocent lives and we love and support our family.
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    Wow go you Alisha, you're an inspiration. Good luck!
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    We love you Alisha! You're an inspiration with your spirit despite the adversities 🙂 🙂
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    Thank-you for creating awareness and advancing research into women's health.

    U r amazing! Stay strong
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    Keep fighting Alisha! You are amazing!
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    Keep on rockin' in the free world.
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    You are an incredible, beautiful soul Alisha
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    For Alisha and all the inspirational work she is doing raising awareness and much needed funds. You are incredible!
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    Best wishes from ccccccold Canada. The treatments can be difficult, but people get through them. My very best thoughts and wishes go out to you. Lauren's Uncle (the overweight one)
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    Keep fighting and making research possible.
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    We all deserve a better future!