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Your donation will be used to fund lifesaving research on low grade serous ovarian cancer
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Together we can save the lives of thousands of women but we need your help now.

Low grade serous ovarian cancer is a slow growing cancer that disproportionately affects young women.

Medical researchers have the knowledge and skills necessary to drastically improve survival of women with low grade serous ovarian cancer but they need your help to fund their research.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is a New Zealand registered charity that supports life-saving low grade serous ovarian cancer research. Aside from a small payment processing fee (when you donate by credit card) all of your donation will be used to fund the research of doctors and scientists working to find a cure for low grade serous ovarian cancer.

Thank you for your support.

  1. Wendy McEntee

  2. Dianne Knight

    I am donating in memory of my daughter , Jazmin, she passed away in 2017, at age 27, 21 months after being diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer.
  3. Margy Minogue

    For Jayne and Bec and many other strong women. 💘
  4. Samantha Packham

    In support of our friend and sister in bass Jayne Barker. Let’s kick cancer’s butt!!! xox - Cheryl & Sam

    In tribute to Amy, Carolyn and Margaret. Your contributions to research will not be forgotten. Your spirits shall live on as we keep searching for a cure. Thankyou! <3 <3 <3
  6. Anonymous

    Jayne you are truly an inspiration! Let your music live on in everyone’s life you have touched. They are blessed to know you ❤️
  7. Luke Coniston

    In honour of the late Canadian woman Ashley Luther (AKA Elly Mayday) and her courageous and dignified struggle against this horrible disease.
  8. Thomas George

  9. Peter Cohen

  10. Nicole Franke

    For my best friend who has relapsed after a remission of 12.5yrs. We are all totally devastated. It is stage 4 low grade & inoperable.
  11. Amelia Jenner

  12. Kristie-Lee Ryan

  13. Anonymous

  14. Jay Wingen

    My donation is in honor of Amy Stewart ?
  15. Nikki Holmes

    For Amy Soulfly x
  16. Proceeds from Carlo Lauricella's boxing fundraiser for Mel

  17. Emma Ainsworth

    For my beautiful friend who is battling through this awful illness., she’s my hero ❤️
  18. Gillian Mckinley

    Because young women are precious and should not be dying.
  19. Robyn O'Sullivan

  20. Anonymous

  21. Angela Johnson

  22. Arjun Sivadasan

  23. John Rpainette

    Supporting research
  24. Tracy Hart

    I had a radical hysterectomy earlier in the year for stage 3c borderline (with non invasive low grade implants). I feel so incredibly grateful that my implants were non invasive. I hope I never need a cure, but I think the work you are doing is incredible for women worldwide. Thank you!
  25. Helen Beeston

    This donation is made by Carol Ryan's golf friends in memory of Carol's sister, Maureen Orr.
  26. Michelle Francis

  27. Melanie Young

    For Jane
  28. Charlotte Booth

  29. Rebecca Lawrence

    I've donated to hopefully make a small difference to help the research into low grade serous ovarian cancer and support my dear friend.
  30. Anonymous

  31. Jennifer Buchanan

    Chelsea Vella, your spirit and attitude is amazing. You’ve got this girl and we’re all here to support you xxxx
  32. Diane Russell

  33. Marieann Hawkins

    In support of Chelsea and all of the other beautiful women that deserve the best shot at a prolonged life with their loved ones x
  34. Mel Hoye

    Cancer sucks!! It’s time to find a cure for all!!
  35. Anonymous

  36. Lucy Ginn

    Sending you all lots of love ❤️ Xxxx
  37. John Bell

  38. Christian Alexander

  39. Meshelle Boyce

    In support of Nicole Eade Brown and the Immunotherapy Clinical Trial she is on the waiting list for. Hoping all the support she has will help get her into the Immunotherapy Clinical Trial. Meshelle xox
  40. Lisa Berg

    Supporting my amazing and inspiring friend Nicole Brown and hoping that research & clinical trials have positive results
  41. Anonymous

  42. Anonymous

    Supporting a friend ❤️
  43. Helen Steinhardt

    Thanks Nicole for sharing your story. You are a beautiful and brave woman, a friend and a champion in the community. You think of others and now it our turn to surround you with love and support for research.
  44. Rita Raciti

    Praying for you and your family Wish I could give more
  45. Ele Ludemann

  46. Anonymous

  47. Anonymous

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