Kristen’s 28th Birthday Legacy

In by Elsa Larsen

July 19th would have been Kristen’s 28th birthday. Kristen wanted us to celebrate her life by funding research into her cancer so that others in the future will have more time and treatment options. Funds raised go to Kristen’s Living Legacy total.

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Today marks six months since I lost my KFL ? and on June 19th it would be Kristen’s 28th Birthday.

Kristen wanted us to celebrate her life and to honour her Legacy by funding research into her cancer so that others in the future will have more time and treatment options.

Please “share” Kristen’s Birthday fundraiser and if you are able to donate I know Kristen would so love that. Thank you, Elsa xx

Update: Wow thank you so much to everyone has donated and shared this – in one day you reached my target despite the two weeks I had allowed.

I’ve cheekily decided to add an extra 0.. greedy? Perhaps. But the women living with Ovarian Cancer and those who are diagnosed tomorrow aren’t greedy- they just want more time with their families and that means discoveries of more treatment options.

Kristen was ridiculous- I can’t believe even when she knew there was no time left for research to benefit her, she still persisted in advocating and wanted to create a better future for women like her. It was so important to her, and unacceptable that we can’t screen for this disease, and that currently 85% will die, like Kristen.

I am also conscious and appreciate that many of you have already so generously donated to KLL- but if you are able to “share” this with your networks or email your work teams we could have an incredible reach. 
ELSA (on behalf of Kristen) ?

Donations can also be made through Facebook to ANZGOG, Cure Our Ovarian Cancer’s Charity Partner here:

  1. Bartley Bauer

    Your devotion to helping those that follow and making your too-short life even more meaningful is so inspiring.
  2. David Kelly

  3. Carmel Mary Kerwick

    In memory of Kristen's incredibly brave life and in admiration of her family who supported her.
  4. Anonymous

  5. Wendy Deem

    in memory of Kristen
  6. Caroline Lloyd

    A true inspiration, your legacy lives on xxxxxx
  7. Erin Draper

    I am donating in memory of my momma who lost her battle to low grade ovarian cancer at the age of 65.
  8. Tahlia Harris

    Happy birthday beautiful. Shine bright like you always do xx
  9. Jane Ludemann

    Miss you Kristen!
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  11. Ruth Gordon

    Lots of love to you Elsa and parents xx
  12. Peter Eckel

    Miss you my dear girl. ?
  13. Anonymous

    In memory of Kristen, who worked tirelessly to raise awareness. And to the beautiful women in her life who continue to raise awareness of Kristen’s Legacy.
  14. Anonymous

  15. Cecile Hryhorczuk

    In memory of Kristen. For you, for me, for every woman affected by this disease.