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"The pain, the fear, the sickness will be overwhelming at times, but never stop holding onto hope. Hold on tight, because life is worth it"
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My name is Kristen Larsen and one day, Low-Grade Ovarian Cancer will take my life.

I was diagnosed at twenty-one years old, despite no family history, genetic mutations or risk factors.

Now twenty-seven, I have been in constant treatment the entire time and have almost exhausted all available options.

In my honour, please consider making a donation.

This is my Living Legacy- a way that I can make a difference while I am still here on this earth, and after I am no longer with you.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is my charity of choice, because all funds raised go directly to fund scientific research on my specific type of Ovarian Cancer.

I will continue to advocate, to use my voice to raise awareness and campaign for better outcomes, but I need your help to fund the research that could save my life and women like me.


Kristen’s Story

(Written by big sister, Elsa Larsen)

In 2013 at the age of 21, Kristen was living her dream of a working holiday in London when she was diagnosed with advanced, Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer.

The disease had spread well beyond Kristen’s womb, throughout her abdomen, riddled her large bowel and spread alongside her liver and up to her diaphragm.

This diagnosis came completely out of the blue. Kristen had no family history, and there were minimal symptoms leading up to her diagnosis (as is often the case with Ovarian Cancer, and no screening test).

Kristen endured an 11 hour “debulking” surgery which included a full hysterectomy, and removal of her entire large bowel giving her a permanent ileostomy stoma. This was paired with 6 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy. At that point, Kristen was declared NED “no evidence of disease”.  Despite being on “maintenance” treatment to try to prevent a recurrence, just 12 months later the cancer had come back.

Kristen has never been out of treatment.  Everything she has tried has either slowed, reduced or kept her tumours stable for periods of time before the cancer progressed again. Her body has endured various chemotherapies, clinical trials of targeted and immunotherapy agents, hormone therapies, 4 more surgeries and radiation.  She has just about exhausted all options.

From early on in her diagnosis, Kristen wanted to give back, speak up and make a difference. She launched herself into all things TEAL! Kristen has volunteered with charities in Australia, UK, Canada & USA. She blogged, she shared her story, she fundraised. Kristen has been an active public speaker; campaigned politically and addressed the prime minister and national leaders.  She has shared her story through TV and print media and has been the face of numerous charity and brand campaigns and fundraisers, which have collectively raised millions for cancer charities.  Kristen also played an integral role volunteering as the Queensland coordinator to bring the international Survivors Teaching Students educational program into Australian universities. In addition, Kristen won a nationwide competition, “Podquest” run by Nova Entertainment. She will soon be launching her own Podcast series, “Ovarshare” in which she interviews fellow survivors. Kristen was also recognised for these efforts as a QLD finalist in the 2019 Young Australian of the Year Awards.

Kristen has travelled to conferences, symposiums and other events across Australia and the US and loves nothing more than being with her Teal sisters and bringing the Ovarian Cancer community together.   There is so much more of this world to see, and Kristen’s passion for life has never been stronger.

Why– Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

I have dedicated my years here on this earth to raising awareness and funds for cancer research. I have benefited from clinical trials and drugs I would not otherwise have been able to access. I know there are more options out there, we just need to fund the research to make this happen.

Through sharing my story, these efforts have raised millions of dollars for cancer charities. While I continue to support their work, unfortunately this funding does not trickle down to where I need it most urgently. Women with Low-Grade Ovarian Cancer need disease specific research, and this is extremely difficult to compete for funding for.

Thanks to clinical trials I have had real success from drugs that were originally developed for other cancers- such as Avastin (Colon Cancer); and Arimidex/Aromasin/Femara (Breast Cancer). I have also tried other drugs such as immunotherapy that I otherwise would never have been able to access had it not been through a trial setting. These have all prolonged my life here on this earth. On the other hand, I have also not qualified for trials, simply because I have Low-Grade.

I know firsthand how crucial research is for survival. There are brilliant researchers out there who need the funding to test out their ideas.  Without the evidence we cannot know what will work or get government approvals. I am too quickly running out of options so your donation would mean everything to me.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer was established by my friend Jane, who also personally knows how crucial, research specific funding will be for our survival. It is the only international charity which is solely funding scientific research specifically into my type of cancer, Low-Grade Ovarian Cancer.

I have chosen Cure Our Ovarian Cancer for all of my future fundraising while I am still standing here on this earth, and as a legacy that will live on in my honour.

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    For all the young women like Kristen- and in recognition of her inspirational response to such profound adversity
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    You're legacy will be continued my love xx
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    Fundraising from 'Wade's big shave' and multiple members of the Innes family Christmas
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  12. Nicole Taylor

    I didn’t know Kristen personally, but saw her story over social media. She sounds like an amazing woman. Here’s to a better future for those with ovarian cancer.
  13. Gillian Maher

    I read Kristen's story through a fundraiser at work and was saddened that this silent disease had taken such a brave young women.
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    I promise, for as long as I can bake cupcakes; I will continue your legacy my love.
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    Kristen, you did wonders with fund raising and awareness raising, and your legacy will live on even though you have gone.
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    In celebration of Kristen's wonderful work to find a cure for her disease for others.
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    Donating in memory of a beautiful young woman, Kristen Larsen.
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    Dedicated to the memory of Kristen, a champion of this women's health issue and a true inspiration and hero in every sense of these words.
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    The world was and will be a far better place having had beautiful people like Kristen in it albeit for too short a time!
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    Kristy, you were an inspiration and a goal kicker. May you be free of pain. Your legacy is incredible.
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    You will continue to inspire me. I can't make it to say goodbye with your family and friends so I am donating my flights. I will be thinking of you and your loved ones tomorrow. I will keep working on the advocacy and fundraising, thank you for all your efforts.
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    Love you always Krissy
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    Donating on behalf of Roche. With warm regards from all the team
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    In memory of Kristen Larsen, an inspirational and beautiful soul who worked tirelessly to help others.
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    I lost my mom and maternal grandmother to this wretched disease. I will continue to raise awareness and use my voice to advocate for more ovarian cancer research funding in memory of them and Kristen. Too many good people have been lost! I love that we have a worldwide approach. #TeamTeal
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    In loving memory of KFL
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    For Kristen and her family x
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    Donating for Kristen's Living Legacy - Have known Kristen since high school & her amazing fighting spirit should inspire everyone to donate, especially to Research for Low Grade Ovarian Cancer. Hope this helps in some way!!
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    With admiration and gratitude for all Kristen and Elsa are doing to raise funds for research into low grade serous ovarian cancer.
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    Sending lots of love and keeping you in my thoughts for the latest bout of treatment. You should be so proud of everything you and your teal warriors are achieving! Courtney in Canberra xoxo
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  78. Helen Kiriyama

    You have two very beautiful friends in the names of Maria-Nella and Miranda. You are a very inspirational young lady xxx
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    Miranda and I held a morning tea to help raise money for Kristens Living Legacy. Sending you lots of love always beautiful
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    I also have this cancer and it so good to hear of some more hopeful treatment.
  82. Jane Ludemann

    Love you Kristen. Your selflessness is truely inspiring. Thank you for all the work you've done with the cancer community and the work you continue to do for women with our cancer.

Thank you to Maria-Nella and Miranda from Zuccherino Cakes for hosting a morning-tea fundraiser. We can't thank you both enough. Kristen and Elsa xx

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