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Believe – Mel Yu

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Two major surgeries and nearly 5 months of chemo and I refuse to give up. Help me fund research so women live longer.

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Many of you may know me as Mel, Fabian’s wife and co-owner of Sports Magic. I’m also a mum to two beautiful children and a Teal Warrior.

In August 2018 I was diagnosed with LGSOC Low-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma or Ovarian cancer (Low Grade). This is a long tough road and one in which I intend to make a difference.

Every woman, every mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, daughter deserves a future. Two major surgeries and nearly 5 months of chemo and I refuse to give up. I will make a difference, we can help fund research just as our breast cancer sisters have.

I have created a range called Ovarian Cancer by Mel Yu and 100% of the profits will go to CURE OUR OVARIAN CANCER. I am also actively fundraising through other events.

Help me make a difference.

  1. Believe By Mel Yu Fundraiser

  2. Ursula Barrie

    Thanks for fundraising Mel... stay strong + be well!!
  3. High Tea by Sharon Alexander /Christa Taylor

  4. CCBAPS Campbelltown City Baptist Church

  5. Janelle McKee

  6. Paul Beckmann

  7. Naomi Footit

    Such a great cause Mel xx
  8. Sophie Osborne

    Sharon’s morning tea
  9. Brenda Shadbolt

  10. Doris Buck

    My sister, Christa, fwd me this - been praying for Mel for quite some time.
  11. Brenda Baker

    I have had cancer and my son and mother all died from bowel cancer. Thank you for taking up this fight you are a real warrior. I’m happy to add a donation to such a worthy cause. May Hod bless you and Heal you.
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  13. Proceeds from Carlo Lauricella's boxing fundraiser for Mel

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