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Raising funds for research in honour of my friend Jayne
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My dearest friend @missalexmusic just turned 36. Four years ago Jayne was diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer so every birthday is truly a precious milestone.Jayne has been the backbone of my life, from helping me know what to do when I first got my period, to cradling me through years of infertility, to carrying me through my horrible divorce, to being my incredible support person/photographer/videographer at the birth of Lulu. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

But ovarian cancer is brutal and hers is incurable. Ovarian cancer often doesn’t get diagnosed until far too late.

Jayne was at stage three when she was first diagnosed and had to immediately undergo a hysterectomy and subsequent chemo treatments. Since then, as with 85% of cases, it has recurred and the battle has been truly horrendous.

Add to that the shit-show that is coronavirus and Jayne is not only living through unimaginable pain, but she can’t have visitors or so any of the things that bring her joy in life. It is absolutely heartbreaking.

So in honour of Jayne, and as a tiny gesture of gratitude to the countless things she’s done for me in my life, I’m fundraising to help support research on her cancer.

Thanks so very much ? @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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