Quote from news article about Kristen Larsen

Our incredible advocate

A recent article and video by 10 Daily has highlighted the need for more research funding, and awareness of ovarian cancer.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is very proud and grateful for the advocacy of the late Kristen Larsen who had low-grade serous carcinoma. We want to express our thanks to the brave Australian women who have participated in a new awareness video – following in her footsteps and sharing their stories.

“There’s not many ovarian cancer advocates left. We lost quite a few of our really big voices in the last few years,” Carla Bower, an advocate for ovarian cancer awareness, told 10 daily.

One of those was Queensland Young Australian of the Year Finalist, Kristen Larsen.

She lost her ovarian cancer battle just before Christmas and within days of Emberson – she was 27 years old.”

The article acknowledges ovarian cancer isn’t just one disease but at least five by drawing. It draws attention to the efforts of Tash Armour. She founded ROC Incorporated to support granulosa cell tumour research after her daughter was diagnosed. Like low-grade serous carcinoma there is a desperate need for research. They were able to launch a research project in their first year.

We are proud to say that Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is on track to advertise the first ever Australian research grant specific for low-grade serous carcinoma next year also, thanks in large part to the efforts of Kristen Larsen and her friends.

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