Guide to Setting Up a Birthday/Celebration Fundraiser

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If you have low-grade serous carcinoma and want to do a celebration fundraiser - we've included some suggested wording for each section - but you are welcome to use your own! Birthdays in particular are a great opportunity to fundraise.

Campaign Name and Short Description

(Name's) [celebration e.g. birthday] Fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research

Fundraising Goal and Length in Days

30 days

Categories and Tags (Optional)

Select a campaign Category into which your campaign best fits. Use Tags to further describe what your campaign is about.

Full Description

(Feel free to tell your own story. This is just a suggestion.)

I have a rare, frequently incurable form of ovarian cancer. In (Month) I'm celebrating my [insert celebration]. It's a bittersweet time as I am grateful to be here, but worried about what may come. Currently, there is no reliable cure for low-grade serous carcinoma. Treatments can put women in remission for a time but for at least 85% of women the cancer will come back. But we can change this. I'm hosting a fundraiser to raise critically needed funds for research.

For my [insert celebration], the best gift you could give is hope for my future. Hope for more time with my friends and family. Please give what you can to help fund research for my rare cancer. It would be the best [insert celebration] present you could give me and other women around the world with this cancer.

*Include ["charitable_donors campaign=current show_avatar=0"] if you want each individual's donation amount (rather than just the overall total) to display (must remove quotation marks "" from inside the brackets [ ] to work).

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Location (Optional)

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Donation Options

Your donors or sponsors can donate any amount they like, but you can suggest some fixed amounts. Consider allowing monthly donations especially if your campaign lasts for several months.

Your Details

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If you have low-grade serous and are doing a birthday or celebration fundraiser go here instead.
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