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Low-grade serous (LGS) ovarian cancer is a rarer subtype that disproportionately affects younger women. With current treatments over 85% of women will have their cancer come back.

We support research to help women live longer. And empower women through access to support and information.

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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Donations to low grade serous ovarian cancer through the BC Canada Foundation are tax deductible AND 100% of your donation will be used for research - learn how.

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  1. low-grade serous ovarian cancer woman Amy MacRae playing with her daughter Evie

    Amy’s Living Legacy

    "Help me change the outcomes for future women with this disease." Amy
    $85,610.00 donated of $100,000.00 goal
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    Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

    Your donation will be used to fund lifesaving research on low grade serous ovarian cancer
    $5,105.02 donated

Recent donations

  1. Hilary Blackmore

    For Amy McRae
  2. Stephen Joe

  3. Madelon Fitzpatrick

  4. Donella Chong

    I have lost 4 Aunts during 2020/21 and while they did not pass from Covid, our family has a history of battling various cancers. I am making this donation in memory of those 4 aunts and I feel they would fully endorse this donation going into Amy MacRae's Living Legacy to Cure Our Ovarian Cancer as one tiny step closer to reaching her goal of $100,000. Amy - hope you realize you have most certainly made a difference as we continue to remember amazing you!
  5. Jane Ludemann

    Happy belated birthday darling cancer sister. Miss you. Thank you for everything xx