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Your donation will be used to fund lifesaving research on low grade serous ovarian cancer
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Together we can save the lives of thousands of women but we need your help now.

Low grade serous ovarian cancer is a slow growing cancer that disproportionately affects young women.

Medical researchers have the knowledge and skills necessary to drastically improve survival of women with low grade serous ovarian cancer but they need your help to fund their research.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is a New Zealand registered charity that supports life-saving low grade serous ovarian cancer research. Aside from a small payment processing fee (when you donate by credit card) all of your donation will be used to fund the research of doctors and scientists working to find a cure for low grade serous ovarian cancer.

Alternatively you can donate to through the BC Cancer Foundation (you will be given a link to their low grade serous fundraising page). 100% of your donation goes to low grade research and your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Nathalie BARTHELEMY

  2. Susan Muttenthaler

    To support a cure. My daughter has this disease.
  3. Anonymous

  4. Milly Jones

  5. Aline Hryhorczuk

  6. Jamie Moorhouse

  7. Cathy Atkinson

  8. Anonymous

    My friend lives in Canada.
  9. Sophie Gravel

    En l'honneur de ma belle amie, Cecile !
  10. Denise Mellor

    In honour of my good friend Catherine Eiswerth battling this disease.
  11. Elza Blain

  12. Michelle Moriarty

  13. Will Ansbacher

    My dearest friend Rosalind was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer at the end of 2012, in Dunedin. She died about a year and a half later and I am so grateful to be able to make this donation in her memory.
  14. Anonymous

  15. Nicole Kobilansky

  16. Anonymous

    Proud to support this great cause
  17. Catherine Eiswerth

    I am living with LGSOC and hope for better treatments and early detection for all women.
  18. Anonymous

  19. Carson Ellis

    In Memory of Dawn Nelson.
  20. John Mark

  21. Anonymous

  22. cheryl cameron

    A close friend had ovarian cancer. She is now ten years clear.
  23. Anonymous

  24. Anonymous

  25. Samuel Cheng

    Friend sharing
  26. Mark McCauley

  27. Anonymous

  28. Anonymous

  29. Kristina D’Angelo

  30. Tania Mercure

    Amanda, keep spreading the word. Women need to know your story! In May 2017, I had a pap test, came back abnormal, two biopsies later I was diagnosed with stage 1b2 Cervical Cander (Adenocarcinoma). I had a radical hysterectomy, opted to have my ovaries out which meant induced menopause. I was one of the lucky ones, I was Cancer Free after my surgery. Screenings save lives. I wish beautiful moments and memories for you and your girls. You will change women's lives with your story!
  31. Anonymous

  32. Ele Ludemann

  33. Anonymous

  34. Anonymous