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The Five Easiest Fundraisers

Have you created a fundraiser yet? Here are five easy ideas to get you started.

  1. Use an existing event.
    For example: your birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, even a dinner with friends. Ask for people to donate to Cure Our Ovarian Cancer instead of gifts.
  2. Hold a virtual event.
    You don’t need to organise anything at all! It could be a virtual meal, trip or adventure.

    For example: “I thought about organising a group fundraising trip to climb Mt Everest. We could spend the next six months learning how to climb mountains, travel to Nepal and hire a guide. But instead I found this beautiful photo. So you can look at Mt Everest without the risk of frost bite. I’ve just saved from getting alititude sickness. In return will you donate to this great cause?” Follow it up with a personal email to a group of friends.

  3. Use something you wanted to do anyway.
    Do you climb mountains, or run half marathons, or go for long bike rides? Maybe you just want an excuse to walk your dog every day or give up chocolate or alcohol for a period of time. Ask people to donate in support of you.
  4. Lead by example.
    For example “Help me fund three days (24 hours) of life-saving research every month. I’m donating two hours of my salary monthly. That’s two hours of life-saving research every month that wouldn’t be done without me. Will you join me in donating some of your salary to help thousands of women with low-grade serous ovarian cancer?”
  5. Use a date as an excuse.
    Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is September in Canada. World Cancer day is February the 4th. World Ovarian Cancer Day is May 8th.

    You also have New Year, Christmas, and even Speak like a Pirate Day (although Stand Up To Cancer Day is the day before). You can find a list of days here. You can pick any day, and make it relevant.

    For example “This Childrens’ Day help me raise $_ for life-saving research. Low grade serous ovarian cancer disproportionately affects young women. Your donation will give mums the best chance of seeing their children grow up. Help me make a difference by donating today.”

Let us know if you need some help – we’d love to hear from you.

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