Eva Muttenthaler

The hardest lives are lived by the strongest souls

Your name: Eve Muttenthaler

Date of diagnosis: Sept 14, 2019

Age at diagnosis: 25

Country: Canada

I am: I am a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Healer. I am here to help heal others, but first, I have to help heal me.

The cancer was found when: I was 25 years old when my cancer was found, loving life and having a blast! I love being active and living a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of my life. I love lifting weights, hiking, yoga, pole dancing, and belly dancing.

In 2019 I had to go down to only working part time at a massage clinic because I was too weak to work full time. It didn’t make sense that all of a sudden, I did not have the strength to treat clients like I did the year prior. That was until I had a tumor grow in my lower abdomen over the course of 5 weeks in the summer of 2019. After 5 weeks of something protruding from my stomach I finally went to the ER.

A CT scan showed ovarian cancer that had spread all over the abdomen and even up into the chest wall. 2 days later I had emergency surgery to remove my entire reproductive system which had turned into 2 10cm x 16cm x 14cm tumors, and my omentum. I was so lucky to be able to keep the rest of me! Surgery could not get all the cancer and I have tiny tumors on my bowels, small intestine, large intestine, mesentery, diaphragm, chest wall and anterior abdominal wall.

My cancer is slow growing so it is resistant to chemotherapy. I am taking a hormone blocker, experimental drugs, as well as Natural medicine to help me fight the cancer left inside!!!

I started a blog to document my journey and to raise awareness to ovarian cancer and living a healthy lifestyle.

How your donations would impact me: My type of cancer is rare and there is only one charity in the world that funds research for it. Your donations would go directly to finding a cure for my type of cancer!!

What I would say to someone else going through this: The hardest lives are lived by the strongest souls.