Canada - Step Up For Ovarian Cancer!


September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

This September we are asking you to Step Up for Ovarian Cancer. We are challenging you to walk, run, cycle - it's up to you. Be active and raise vital funds for research to find better treatments to help women with low-grade serous ovarian cancer live longer.

Visit our Step Up page hosted on BC Cancer Foundation's website to sign up and help us raise vital funds to research LGSOC.

100% of funds raised through Step Up goes to LGSOC research.

Women with low-grade serous ovarian cancer tend to be younger, and with current treatments their cancer is often incurable. Approximately 3% of all ovarian cancer is LGSOC, it is overlooked and underfunded, but you can help us change that!

Choose your challenge

  1. Choose an activity - walk, run, cycle (or something else!)
  2. Measure your activity - in time, or steps or distance or destination
  3. Decide if you're going to do it one day, some days or every day in September
  4. And remember - it's not what you do, but why that matters the most. You'll be helping fund crucial research to help women live longer.
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Amy's Story

Amy was diagnosed in 2017 with stage 2 low-grade serous ovarian cancer at 32 years old. Amy was so much more than her cancer. She was a trained Kindergarten and behaviour special needs teacher. A daughter and sister. Wife of ten years to her husband Garreth. And most of all mom to her beautiful daughter Evie.

On Monday , June 1 ,2020 Amy passed away. If love was enough, Amy would still be here. Instead her dying wish was for research so other women could live.

“This cancer has taken from me more than I ever could have imagined. But it has also made me more grateful than I ever have been for the simple things. Outcomes for this disastrous disease haven’t improved in over 50 years."

"We need to demand new research and more funding, on par with the resources available to help my sisters with breast cancer. I am grateful for every day I have here and I encourage you to help me change the outcomes for future women with this disease." - Amy