Help Us Fundraise

By creating a fundraising page on our peer-peer fundraising platform

To Create Your Fundraising Page:

1. Register (if you have not done so already). If you have submitted your story you are already registered.
2. Log in
3. Read the Campaign Creation Guide (opens in a new tab)
If you have low-grade serous and are doing a birthday or celebration fundraiser go here instead.
4. Create your Fundraiser (you can edit it at any time)
5. Edit your fundraiser. (Don't forget to Log in).
6. View your Fundraising Profile at any time to edit your details.
7. Want to help but not sure where to start? Let us know and we'll give you a hand.

Fundraising Ideas for Your Page

A woman in an orange top running a marathon to fundraise for cancer research

Personal Challenge

Set yourself a personal challenge such as a walk or a run, or give up something for some time, and ask your community to sponsor you. Or set a fundraising goal and commit to matching a % of donations raised.

Wrapped gifts

Donate Your Celebration

Instead of receiving presents for your birthday, wedding or other celebration ask your family and friends to donate to life-saving research.

a group of people roasting marshmallows on a beach

Organise an Event or Trip

Organize an event and ask your guests to make a donation to participate. It could be a dinner, afternoon tea, concert, trip to a museum, scavenger hunt - your imagination is the limit!

Young people washing a car to fundraise for cancer research

Sell Goods or Services

Wash cars, sell cookies, hold an auction, do odd jobs in your community or donate a day's wages to fund a cancer researcher for a day and ask others to join you. Have people "pay" their donation on your fundraising page.