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Below is a list of some of our favourite low-grade serous ovarian cancer women with blogs and social media accounts. They are just a few examples of the many wonderful women, who share their lives online. We recognise the braveness in their vulnerability. We hope these words, stories and lives help others feel less alone in what can be a difficult journey.

Shaylee Bedward

Shaylee Bedward

Shaylee is the beautiful soul behind the beautiful face on our homepage. She was diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer at 23 years old and is one valiant gal.

Instagram: @shayleebedward

Kristen Larsen

Kristen Larsen

At the age of 21, Kristen’s life changed forever. Kristen showed incredible courage and determination and always held hope. Her Ovarshare podcast is a must listen for anyone with ovarian cancer. Though Kristen is no longer with us, her Living Legacy continues to raise much needed funds for research.

Website: ovarshare.com
Facebook: @ovarshare
Instagram: @ovarshare
Instagram: @kristen_larsen_

Cecile biking in the snow

Cecile Hryhorczuk

Cecile lives in Montreal and biked across Canada in an epic adventure.

Instagram: @chezilme
Twitter: @chezilme

Elly wearing a #onehellovawoman t-shirt

Elly Mayday (nee Ashley Luther)

Is the original #onehellovawoman. Diagnosed at 25 she proclaimed her surgical scar a “beauty mark”. It forms the basis of our logo. As a model she used her public profile to raise much needed awareness of ovarian cancer. Elly passed away March 2019 but her social media remains testament to the huge impact her short life had.

Instagram: @Elly.Mayday
Facebook: @EllyMayDayOfficialFanPage

Amy Van Wyk

Amy Van Wyk

Amy ran two 10km races recently. While on treatment. She uses activity as a goal to anchor her in the midst of uncertainty. She was diagnosed at 36 and is currently working on her masters.

Instagram: @livingwithovariancancer

Diane Evanswood

Diane Evanswood

A retired palliative care clinical nurse specialist – Diane has a gift for words. She records her acute and relatable ovarian cancer observations in her blog.

Blog: dianeevanswood.wordpress.com

Cheymarie_fit's instagram

Cheyann Shaw

With over 200 000 followers, Cheyann is the most visible woman with our cancer. It’s an incredible achievement. A popular fitness instagrammer, her account is a mix of life, life with cancer and fitness.

Instagram: @cheyannshaw

Alisha Skydiving

Alisha Thomson

Was a busy 27 year old doctor when she was diagnosed with stage 4 low-grade serous carcinoma. Since then she’s gone sky diving, travelling and continued to live her life as best she can.

Blog: myocjourney.net
Instagram: @leeshy_keepsmiling

Morgan Gaynor

Morgan Gaynor

Incredibly readable. Morgan created a blog to update her family and friends. But there are lots of gems in there for women with cancer, and those without.

Blog: Morganbeatscancer.com

Jane Ludemann

Jane Ludemann

The founder of Cure Our Ovarian Cancer. Her website is a place to raise the profile of our cancer, blog observations and share her favourite outdoor camera shots.

Website: janehascancer.com

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