Women with low-grade serous ovarian cancer share their stories

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15 photos of women with low-grade serous ovarian cancer

Low-grade serous carcinoma is a rare ovarian cancer but there is a huge global community of between 45,000 and 180,000 women living with this cancer around the world.

We’ve compiled stories of women affected, from around the world – on our World Ovarian Cancer Day website. To hear from the women pictured and many more click on the button below.

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The story behind our World Ovarian Cancer Day website

It started with one low-grader from Canada named Ashley standing in New York Times Square in her bikini to raise awareness, followed by Brianna from New Jersey, and a plan for more women to join the next year. Covid struck and our founder Jane in New Zealand managed to persuade a company to donate a 90 metre (300ft) billboard in New York Times Square to raise awareness of low-grade serous carcinoma. A marketing agency donated the design and it caught the attention of a newly diagnosed Katie in the UK. Together they teamed up and got even more billboards and an article about low-grade serous carcinoma in the Independent. Since then more low-graders and companies and countries have come on board and in 2022 in addition to a presence in 4 countries, we reached 1 million people through social media to raise awareness of symptoms in younger women.

May 8th is World Ovarian Cancer Day. If you have skills in media, marketing, communications, website or social media and would like to learn more about volunteering please get in touch.

About us

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is the leading global low-grade serous cancer charity. We’re run by volunteers with low-grade serous cancer, for low-grade serous cancer.

We empower women to make better decisions about their health by providing good information and connecting the low-grade serous community through our support group. While working to improve survival through research. Together with our American friend’s STAAR Ovarian Cancer, we’re raised over $500,000 for low-grade serous cancer since 2018. Research that would not be happening without the incredible efforts of our low-grade serous cancer community.

Together, we can change the future of our cancer.