Cure Our Ovarian Cancer participates in global rare ovarian cancer forum

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Picture of participants in rare ovarian cancer forum on zoom

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer was honoured to be asked to participate in a global forum on rare ovarian cancers as part of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Annual Global Partner Meeting.

Up to 1 in 3 people diagnosed with ovarian cancer have a rare ovarian cancer. Of those, low-grade serous is one of the more common ones.

Rare ovarian cancers face unique challenges and barriers in addition to those faced by all ovarian cancer patients. The purpose of this talk was to bring greater awareness of rare ovarian cancers to ovarian cancer charities and give examples of simple steps they can take to support the rare ovarian cancer community.

In the video:

  • Dr Gershenson discusses the challenges and opportunities for rare ovarian cancers, including important things patients need to know.
  • Jane Ludemann, Cure Our Ovarian Cancer Founder talks about the global funding inequities for rare ovarian cancers and the need to invest in these rare cancers so patient communities can see progress. While these cancers are rare, globally the numbers are still significant.
  • Dr Robb Hollis, illustrates the difference in what is currently known for common ovarian cancers compared to rare ovarian cancers like low-grade serous ovarian cancer and discusses important considerations for building strong research communities. In the talk he discusses some of his low-grade serous ovarian cancer research which Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is helping fund in the UK through Professor Gourley’s lab at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Sarah Burns shares her experience as a rare ovarian cancer patient.
  • Jane shares takeaway tips that all ovarian cancer organisations can do to better serve the needs of rare ovarian cancer patients.

Low-grade serous ovarian cancer is frequently used as an example through out the talk.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer would like to thank the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition for providing a forum to talk about this important topic.