Low-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials

Woman receiving medical testing for a clinical trial

What are Clinical Studies?

Low-grade serous ovarian and peritoneal cancer clinical studies are a type of research that people can volunteer to participate in to further medical knowledge about low-grade serous carcinoma.

Studies can be interventional (a clinical trial where participation could change someone’s medical management) or observational (an observational study where data about a person is collected over time but participation in the study does not influence how they are treated). Both types of clinical research are important to improve future prevention, diagnosis, survival and quality of life of people with low-grade serous carcinoma.

Studies may recruit people who are newly diagnosed, or have recurred or are at any point from diagnosis.

Potential Benefits and Risks of Clinical Trials

Potential benefits of participating in a clinical trial could include*:

  • Helping people with your cancer
  • Accessing new treatments
  • Close monitoring by your medical team

Potential risks of participating in a clinical trial could include*:

  • Like any test or treatment there may be side effects
  • New tests or treatments may not work
  • More hospital visits

*Modified from the 2017 NCCN Guidelines

Ways to find a Clinical Study

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial or observational study you can search a clinical trials database and review our list of low-grade serous cancer clinical trials below.

If your country does not have a low-grade serous specific study that you can participate in – there may still be multi-cancer trials available.

1. Find a low-grade serous cancer trial by searching a Clinical Trial Databases

Useful Search Terms

Useful search terms for finding low-grade serous ovarian and peritoneal cancer clinical studies include: “low grade serous”, “low grade serous ovarian cancer”, “low grade serous carcinoma”, “low grade serous adenocarcinoma”, “LGSOC” and “LGSC”.

Clinical Trial Databases

2. Review our list of low-grade serous carcinoma specific clinical trials

Please note trial locations in italics are indicative only and may change over time. For the most up to date information please click on the linked trial.

Trials for people newly diagnosed with low-grade serous cancer

Trials for people experiencing recurrence/progression of low-grade serous cancer

Observational Data Collection Studies for low grade serous cancer

3. Find a Multi-Cancer Trial that accepts low-grade serous cancer

In addition to low-grade serous specific trials, some people with low-grade serous carcinoma may also qualify for broader cancer trials that accept many types of cancer, or cancers with specific mutations.

Useful search terms for multi-cancer trials

Useful search terms to find multi-cancer clinical studies that may also accept people with low-grade serous carcinoma include “ovarian cancer” or “solid tumor” with “ER(+)” or “MEK inhibitor” or the name of any specific genetic mutations identified (e.g. KRAS).

Below are a few examples of some of the types of multi-cancer trials that might accept people with low-grade serous cancer.

The best way to find a multi-cancer trial is to speak to your doctor or search one of the clinical trials databases mentioned earlier on this page.


Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is not directly affiliated with any of the above databases or clinical trials. The information on this page is for general purposes only and not a replacement for medical advice. Clinical trials may have unique risks and unknown benefits which the clinical trial researchers and your doctor can help you understand.

Page updated Feb 2023