Low-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Research Catalogue

We know that good information can be difficult to find with low-grade serous ovarian cancer. We have created this research repository to help people searching for specific information about the cancer. It lists most of the research currently available in the low-grade serous carcinoma field.

We have grouped research papers alphabetically by the type of research. “Significant studies” is a list of papers that we think are of particular relevance to women with this disease.

It is important to note the papers listed below were written for scientists and doctors, not patients. We strongly recommend you read our section on learning more about research and how to interpret it first. You may like to send an article to a trusted doctor or nurse, and ask them for help in interpreting the information. We also encourage you to discuss any conclusions you make from research with your cancer specialists – they will be able to add additional context which can be helpful to interpreting whether a study’s findings might relate to you.

Always remember that research only tells us what has happened in the past to a group of people (often the “average” person). Each and every patient with this disease is a unique individual – there is no guarantee that there was someone exactly like you in the research study.

Research conclusions can also change with time as further research studies and information become available. An example of this is the question – what proportion of ovarian cancer is low-grade serous cancer? These studies usually use very large national databases to draw conclusions. Older research studies figures differ to newer research study figures. This is not thought to be because the amount of women with low-grade serous has changed – but instead because doctors are getting better at making the correct diagnosis and so the quality of data in these databases is improving over time.

How to access research

Not all the papers listed below have the full research paper available.

Members of the Low-Grade Serous Peer Support Group (open to any woman with low-grade serous carcinoma) and the support group for carers/family/friends of low-grade serous women can access the full text articles by going to “Files” and selecting “The Research Library”. On mobile devices “Files” is located under “… More”/”View Group Info”.

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