Janes 32nd birthday

My 3rd Cancerversary

In by Jane Ludemann

Fundraising for research on my 3rd cancer anniversary and 35th birthday
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Flash back to my 32nd birthday. A lovely night surrounded by friends, good food and a cake (pictured).

13 days before I packed up my life with my partner, to move to a new city for “forever” job. Life was good. I was looking forward to being settled. Having children. An ordinary life.

14 days before my life turned upside down. Halfway across the country, admitted to hospital for emergency surgery.  Stage 2 cancer. Infertile. Sitting with my oncologist being told I likely had five to fifteen years left to live because it was difficult to treat and there weren’t great options.

Birthday’s are hard. You feel like time is slipping through your fingers like sand. That ticking clock, in the back of your head. Cancerversaries are harder. Being so close together they remind me of what I’ve lost. Children, my career, a future.

But you know what. I still have friends. Incredible friends who wrote and sent flowers, chocolates, surprise gifts. Who called, and text and emailed. Who flew down to be at my side when I was so weak from surgery and couldn’t be on my own. An amazing husband who has stuck by me despite all the hardship. Who I love dearly, and who loves me now, which is when it most matters. Loving parents. Friends, family, parents who have helped fund research, in the hope I might have better options, and in the knowledge that whatever happens, sometime in the future their contribution will save someone’s life.

So I’m going to do my best to enjoy the next two weeks, as emotionally hard as they are. Because I’m still here. And that in itself is an achievement to be celebrated. 4 days ago my blood was drawn, today I got my 12 week abdominal injection, in 3 days I have an MRI to see if the changes, have worsened. In 4 days I speak at parliament in the hope of inspiring the government to help women with my cancer. And for now, I’m physically 80-90% of my old self. Life is different, so different than I could have ever imagined. But amongst the tragedy and disappointment is love and laughter.

And hope.

Thank you for your support.

  1. Karen Larsen

    In celebration of your birthday Jane and your endeavours with Kristen for more research
  2. Nora McMahon

  3. Amy Mac

  4. Anonymous

  5. Sussie and David Chin

    Celebrating Jane Ludemann’s 35 birthday. Hugs 🤗 and 💕 May God bless you continually.
  6. Hilary Corkran

    Love ya Jane xxx
  7. Sarah Palmer

  8. mum and dad

    In celebration of your strength and determination and with love.
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