Graci Foundation

GRACI (Gynaecological Research and Clinical Innovation) is a NZ charity. They fund gynaecological cancer research to improve outcomes for NZ women. Graci is run by a board of professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. If you donate to their low grade bank account it will only be used for low grade serous ovarian cancer research. They also help administer our grants process. You can read more about Graci here.

To donate now - set up a one off or automatic payment to this bank account: “Graci Low Grade” 02-0800-0832411-01

Once you have made your donation please fill in the form at the end of the page. We will give the information to GRACI so they can send you a receipt for tax purposes.

If you'd prefer to donate by credit card you can make a donation to Cure Our Ovarian Cancer.

Why do we offer two donation options? GRACI is a respected gynaecological cancer research charity. When we started Cure Our Ovarian Cancer we weren't a registered charity. We worked with GRACI to create a direct method to donate to low-grade research in NZ. To acknowledge this history we continue to offer the option of donating to GRACI.

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GRACI will be given the details of this form for the purposes of sending me a tax receipt at the end of the tax year. If you have asked us to share your donation details with someone on our site they will receive your name, and donation amount/frequency.