New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

September is when we encourage people to inspire, empower and celebrate women by raising awareness and funds for gynaecological cancers.

Over one thousand wahine are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every year. Gynaecological cancers include: ovarian, cervical, uterine (also known as womb and endometrial), vulval and vaginal cancer. Of those, ovarian cancer has the worst survival, accounting for half of all gynaecological cancer deaths.

Happening in September

Step Up For Ovarian Cancer

September is when we tie up our laces and get active to support women with ovarian cancer. Join us in fundraising to improve the survival of women with ovarian cancer.

National Awareness Campaign

Piccadilly Circus Billboard displaying ovarian cancer campaign - An Ad You Can't Miss For A Cancer You Do - featuring women with cancer

An Ad You Can’t Miss For A Cancer You Do

Following on from our successful donated World Ovarian Cancer Day campaign we have been donated billboard space nationwide to raise the profile of ovarian cancer.

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The Issues

A wahine dies of ovarian cancer every 48 hours in New Zealand. It kills more women than our road toll and melanoma. We know to belt up and slip slop and slap but how many people know the best protection from ovarian cancer?

Getting a quick diagnosis gives wahine their best chance of a good outcome from ovarian cancer. There is no screening test (cervical smears only check for cervical cancer) so people need to know when to ask their doctor.

We want to encourage anyone born with ovaries who experiences for 2 weeks or longer any of the following symptoms to get checked. Particularly if symptom(s) are new, unusual or getting worse.

  • Bloating
  • Eating less and feeling fuller
  • Abdominal/pelvic/back pain
  • Needing to pee more/urgently
  • Bowel changes
  • Fatigue
  • Painful intercourse
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Indigestion
  • Unexplained weight change

Tests for ovarian cancer include a pelvic exam, CA-125 blood test and trans-vaginal ultrasound. In some parts of the country there may be significant delays in obtaining a publicly funded ultrasound. The cost of going private is about $250.

The likelihood of ovarian cancer with symptoms, is about the same as a routine mammogram finding breast cancer.

About Cure Our Ovarian Cancer NZ

We are the NZ Ovarian Cancer Charity. Fighting for improved outcomes for ovarian cancer through awareness, advocacy and research.

We are a registered charity and do not receive any government funding. Public donations support our crucial efforts to help wahine have more time to live the lives they love.