New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

September is when we encourage people to inspire, empower and celebrate women by raising awareness and funds for gynaecological cancers.

Over one thousand wahine are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every year. Gynaecological cancers include: ovarian, cervical, uterine (also known as womb and endometrial), vulval and vaginal cancer. Of those, ovarian cancer has the worst survival, accounting for over half of all gynaecological cancer deaths.

Happening in September

Ovarian Cancer Advocacy

On September 20th, we will submit a written submission to parliament’s health select committee calling for improvements in ovarian cancer care – in particular diagnosis, treatment and research. It builds on our petition in 2021, which was signed by almost 10,000 New Zealanders.

Our submission represents the largest body of ovarian cancer consultation in New Zealand, and includes a summary of international, local and original research drawing attention to the urgent need for things to change.

As part of our submission we are collecting stories from New Zealanders who have been impacted by ovarian cancer – including friends, family and affected women. If you have an ovarian cancer story to hear, we want to hear from you. Add your voice using the button below.

Speaking outside parliament surrounded by a sea of crosses representing lives lost

National Awareness Campaign

Piccadilly Circus Billboard displaying ovarian cancer campaign - An Ad You Can't Miss For A Cancer You Do - featuring women with cancer

An Ad You Can’t Miss For A Cancer You Do

Following on from our successful donated World Ovarian Cancer Day campaign we have been donated billboard space nationwide to raise the profile of ovarian cancer.

Spotted a billboard? Tag us @ovariancancer on Instagram/Facebook

Show Your Support for Women

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer is one of the most difficult experiences a woman can go through. It impacts, not just them but their family and friends. Just one in three women survive longer than five years past their diagnosis – less than half that of breast and prostate cancer.

Will you show your support for them this September?


Donate to help us give women their best chance at life


Host a fundraiser or do something creative to raise funds to make a difference to women’s health. The Wellington Branch of Soroptomists International are organising a Bingo Night and four lovely ladies from Twizel are dressing up for ovarian cancer. Your imagination is the limit.


About ovaries. A lot. To help normalise the conversation.

Five wahine die from ovarian cancer every week in New Zealand. It kills more women than our road toll and melanoma. We know to belt up and slip slop and slap but how many people know the best protection from ovarian cancer?

Getting a quick diagnosis gives wahine their best chance of a good outcome from ovarian cancer. There is no screening test (cervical smears only check for cervical cancer) so people need to know when to ask their doctor.

Currently just one in ten women in New Zealand report knowing any of the ovarian cancer symptoms before their diagnosis.

  • Or start a conversation around the stats. Stats like – in 1970 the survival of ovarian and prostate cancer was similar but now prostate cancer is more than double and has received significantly more research funding. Or that the road toll kills less women than ovarian cancer in NZ but that NZ is currently spending more on road safety than the entire world is spending on research to reduce ovarian cancer deaths (unbelievable but also true).
  • Or if you are (or know a teacher) – empower the next generation to become confident with their body by sharing which contain great, evidence based, age-appropriate lesson plans to help children aged 7 to 13 understand their anatomy.

About Cure Our Ovarian Cancer NZ

We are the NZ Ovarian Cancer Charity. Fighting for improved outcomes for ovarian cancer through awareness, support, advocacy and research.

We are a registered charity and do not receive any government funding. Public donations support our crucial efforts to help wahine have more time to live the lives they love.