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Low-grade serous carcinoma research grant

Donations through Cure Our Ovarian Cancer have enabled its charity partner Graci to fund a research project to study low grade serous carcinoma.

Applications for the $35,000 grant will go through an independent review process to determine the best project and the successful one will be announced in November.

Graci was established to improve outcomes for women suffering from a gynaecological cancer by supporting New Zealand based research.

COOC approached Graci in mid 2018, before gaining charitable registration, to create a pathway for people in New Zealand to donate specifically to low grade serous carcinoma (LGSC) research.

COOC is grateful that they provided the first pathway for donations for research into LGSC and with the launch of the website and registration as a charity we have been able to build on that.

Prior to this there was no research into LGSC in New Zealand. The research COOC is funding has the potential to benefit women not only in New Zealand but all around the world.

Approximately 100,000 worldwide are living with LGSC, one of five distinct types of ovarian cancer. It has an 85% recurrence rate and approximately half of all women diagnosed are younger than 40.

COOC is grateful for the generous New Zealanders whose donations have made this research possible.

New Zealand is a small country with a big heart and continued support for the cause will enable researchers to make life-changing impacts and improve health outcomes not just for Kiwi women but all of those with LGSOC around the world.

Grant application for low-grade serous carcinoma research administered by Graci