Erin being comforted in hospital

NZ woman’s message after ovarian cancer was dismissed by doctors

A New Zealand woman who was diagnosed with Stage Four Low-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer was initially dismissed by doctors as constipation or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Erin Bassett, 36, first visited a doctor after noticing changes to her body in July of 2019.

But it wasn’t until May 2020, almost a year later, that the Auckland local received the devastating diagnosis, which meant she wouldn’t be able to have children of her own…

After visiting a doctor, Erin’s symptoms were put down to constipation and she was sent home and told to eat some All-Bran….

Erin is now speaking about her experience to encourage others to trust their instincts and keep pushing to get a second opinion.

“It’s just to trust yourself and trust your instincts and keep going with those second opinions and not to be embarrassed as well,” she says.

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