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Ovarian Cancer NZ 2021 Research Grant Calls For Applicants

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer NZ is pleased to announce the advertisement of our third research grant.

The grant for $25 000 is calling for research proposals investigating a frequently incurable type of ovarian cancer that disproportionately affects young kiwis. Specifically research that has the potential to directly benefit New Zealanders affected and/or contribute to global understanding of the disease. A panel of experienced researchers, including overseas experts will assess the proposals. 

The ovarian cancer is called low-grade serous carcinoma. It’s the fourth most common ovarian cancer, accounting for 3-5% of diagnoses and it typically responds poorly to chemotherapy. Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is one of just a few charities in the world that support research on this cancer. The research we fund is crucial to efforts to improve treatment options for women.

Jane, our founder, a young blond woman, in her kitchen wearing t-shirt with Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a brutal disease. There are a lot of difficult days. Just last month we lost a woman in our community who was diagnosed when she was just 17 years old, and another with four young children.

But days like this – when we get to proactively fight. When we think all the hundreds of incredible kiwis who have contributed to make this grant possible. It’s inspiring.

And make no mistake, one day in the future because Paul donated $50 and Michelle donated $500 and all of the other amazing people who have contributed, and continue to… one day there will be women who get to live because of that kindness.

It’s such a special thing to be part of.

Jane Ludemann, Founder of Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

Your Support Helps Save Lives

The grant is being administered on our behalf by the Gynaecological Cancer Research Trust (otherwise known as the Graci Foundation). We are thankful for their support and expertise.

Graci is concurrently advertising for a $25 000 research grant open to any gynaecological cancer research in New Zealand. The trustees of Graci as experts in the medical field know that research is the key to progress; and are passionate to see New Zealand Women benefit from the latest advancements in the field.

Applications open on the 1st of July and close on the 1st of August 2021. Researchers interested in applying can find more information on Graci’s website.