12 ways your support helped ovarian cancer in 2021

We are so proud of all the incredible things our amazing donors, fundraisers and supporters have helped us achieve in the past year. Together we are making huge strides to diagnose women earlier, treat them better and improve survival to help women live better, longer lives.

  1. You helped us put ovarian cancer symptoms posters in GP practices nationwide to educate women
  2. You helped us develop and distribute a GP education resource nationwide to educate doctors
  3. You helped us take a petition to parliament advocating strongly at a government level for changes to diagnose wahine earlier, treat ovarian cancer better and fund research to break the 50% survival ceiling
  4. You helped us raise $200 000 overseas for top international ovarian cancer researchers to support younger women ovarian cancer
  5. You helped us fund a local research project at the University of Otago
  6. You helped us work with Rural Women New Zealand to educate the rural community (and tens of thousands of people at field days)
  7. You helped us talk about ovarian cancer on national TV, radio and get coverage in newspapers and magazines, and younger women’s ovarian cancer in prestigious UK “The Independent” newspaper
  8. You helped us co-administer the New Zealand Ovarian Cancer Support Group on Facebook
  9. You helped us put ovarian cancer on billboards nationwide for September Gynaecological Cancer Month to raise awareness (billboards and creative services gifted)
  10. You helped us put ovarian cancer on 350 billboards in the UK and US – including a 300m long one in NY Times Square for World Ovarian Cancer Day to raise awareness (billboards and creative services gifted)
  11. Your support helped us be one of 12 organisations around the world whose work was acknowledged with an Impact Award from the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition
  12. You helped us protest with Patient Voice Aotearoa and Rare Disorders for improvements to medicines access, and make submissions on important issues to our community including the Pharmac Review, Pharmac’s proposal to formally decline funding for Avastin for ovarian cancer, and the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) DHB reform bill.

Thank you so much for your support – we couldn’t have done this without you!

Want to learn more about our activities? Download our 2020/21 Annual Report