Text: Good Doctor? Nominations Open - background female doctor in scrubs with angel wings

Ovarian Cancer Appreciation Awards

What makes a good doctor? When it comes to ovarian cancer diagnosis we think it’s someone who really listens, takes symptoms seriously and acts quickly to get a diagnosis.

We want to hear from women in NZ with ovarian cancer who had a good doctor experience. For some it will be the first person they saw. For others it might have been the second, or third or 5th. But if there was someone who took your symptoms seriously and helped you get diagnosed quickly after seeing them – and you’d like to say thanks – complete our nomination form

During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in February we’ll send our good doctor nominees a letter and information to empower them to share their experience and educate their colleagues. So more women can have a good doctor diagnosis, sooner.

And if it wasn’t a doctor, but a nurse, or physio or other health professional who encouraged you to get diagnosed – we want to hear about them too!

Nominations close: Friday January 14th