Sex and Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can bring physical and emotional changes affecting your relationship with your body and your sexual health. More than 80% of women with cancer experience sexual side effects from treatment, and these symptoms can be temporary or long-lasting. During recovery, it is not uncommon to have concerns about body image and new symptoms such as painful sex, and changes in desire.

The below video is the best, most comprehensive resource on sex and cancer that we have found and features cancer experts discussing topics that include:

  • Getting Your (Sex) Life Back: Tips for Early Menopause and Painful Sex After Cancer Treatment
  • What to Expect During Radiation Treatment and How to Manage Short and Long-Term Side Effects
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Pelvic Pain
  • Communication and Counseling Resources, Psychological Concerns that Arise with Changes in Your Sexual Health
  • Steams, Lasers, Libido Pills, and “Alternative” Treatments: What is Safe After Cancer?

Please note that HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is safe for most but not all types of ovarian cancer. Low-grade serous ovarian cancer is one example where HRT could make the cancer worse. Please check with your oncologist first.

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