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Ovarian cancer is the biggest unspoken health crisis in New Zealand

It’s our least survivable women’s cancer - killing more women than our road toll. It’s disproportionately under funded, under researched and under talked about.

Your support helps us bring it out of the shadows - to diagnose women quicker, support women through the disease and ultimately find a cure.

Create a fundraising page and join us in the fight to end ovarian cancer.

To Create Your Fundraising Page:

Visit our Give A Little Page: or click on the logo below. Follow the simple step by step instructions and within a few minutes you'll be good to go. 

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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser standing in front of table filled with teal themed baked goods

Bake A Difference

Whether you're a "baker" or not - we've got ideas to satisfy your friends sweet tooth.

Check out our Baking Kit which contains everything you need to make your event a success.

Walkers and runners wearing Cure Our Ovarian Cancer t-shirts with their hands up in celebration

Personal Challenge

Set yourself a personal challenge such as a walk or a run, or give up something for some time, and ask your community to sponsor you. Or set a fundraising goal and commit to matching a % of donations raised.

Wrapped presents

Donate Your Celebration or Memorial

Instead of receiving presents for your birthday, wedding or flowers for a memorial ask your family and friends to donate to life-saving research.

Two girls in t-shirts holding cupcakes

Organise an Event or Trip

Organize an event and ask your guests to make a donation to participate. It could be a dinner, afternoon tea, concert, trip to a museum, scavenger hunt - your imagination is the limit!

Young people washing a car to fundraise for cancer research

Sell Goods or Services

Wash cars, sell cookies, hold an auction, do odd jobs in your community or donate a day's wages to fund a cancer researcher for a day and ask others to join you. Have people "pay" their donation on your fundraising page.