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Holiday Homes

Time Out connects holiday home owners with those living with incurable, life-limiting illnesses to provide a gifted holiday stay to rest, recuperate and create lasting memories.

The service is available to anyone living with a disease or condition that doesn't respond to curative treatments and is expected to lead to their death. This includes life-limiting, and terminal ovarian cancer.

If you are uncertain if you meet this criteria please ask your oncologist or gynae-oncologist.

TimeOut will accept as 'proof' that the criteria is met - a medical letter that includes the terms ovarian cancer and stage 4 or recurrence or progression - with the exception of Germ Cell (which require a letter stating it is life-limiting) and anyone with borderline tumours (without co-existent cancer).

If you meet the criteria but do not have a letter with the above information, you can ask your oncologist or gynae-oncologist to write one specifically for this purpose. It must specify that the cancer is life-limiting.

Once the application is assessed and accepted TimeOut will be in touch to discuss accommodation options. TimeOut only accept bookings up to six weeks in advance of applications (and not during public holidays, or the month of January). You can reapply once every 12 months.

Please put that you heard about the service from Cure Our Ovarian Cancer when you make your application.

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