Support Groups

Our goal is to provide a welcoming space for everyone with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, regardless of where people find themselves in their cancer journey.

We run two free support services for people living in New Zealand to connect with others who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

  • Monthly ovarian cancer support meetings
  • Online Facebook support group

Ovarian Cancer Support Meetings

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer NZ runs virtual peer support meetings for people with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer living in New Zealand.

The monthly meetings are delivered via Zoom - a free application which allows people the option of participating through the Zoom app with video call, or dialing in with a regular phone.

The groups are facilitated by an experienced counsellor and provides a safe and welcoming place to chat and connect with others personally affected by ovarian cancer.

Newly Diagnosed Support Group

The newly diagnosed support group is for people who have received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer within the past twelve months.

General Support Group

The general support group is for anyone who is more than twelve months out from their initial diagnosis of ovarian cancer. It is open to absolutely everyone regardless of their current cancer status.

When you complete the registration process you'll receive an email with further information about the group, a step by step guide to Zoom and reminders about upcoming meetings.

Usually the newly diagnosed group takes place on the first Monday of the Month 2:30-4pm and the general group takes place the day after on Tuesday at 7-8:30pm but occasionally days may differ depending on availability

Upcoming Dates:

Newly Diagnosed Support Group General Support Group
1st Monday of the month 1st Tuesday of the month
7-8:30pm 7-8:30pm
October 2 Oct 3 Oct
November 6 Nov 7 Nov
December 4 Dec 5 Dec
January - one week late due to public holidays 8 Jan 9 Jan
February 5 Feb 13 Feb (one week late due to Waitangi Day)

If you register within 24 hours of a meeting, it is unlikely that we will be able to accomodate a request to participate in that particular meeting but we will notify you of all subsequent meetings.

Online Support Group

The Ovarian Cancer New Zealand Support Group is an independent support group on Facebook. The group was set up by Rachel Wilson who lost her mother to ovarian cancer. Rachel is a tireless advocate for the ovarian cancer community and continues to lead the group as a volunteer, with support from Lisa Finucane - an experienced ovarian cancer patient, and Cure Our Ovarian Cancer NZ.

Over 200 people with ovarian cancer living in New Zealand use the group to connect with others experiencing the disease. It's members include Jane Ludemann, the founder of Cure Our Ovarian Cancer NZ; Tash Crosby of the Talk Peach Gynaecological Cancer Foundation; and a local gynaecologist.

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