Know the signs - world ovarian cancer day billboard

May 8 is World Ovarian Cancer Day

Help us give wāhine deserves a fighting chance.

Over 1000 New Zealanders are living with ovarian cancer - our least survivable female cancer.

Every day we help people in the most difficult of circumstances going through the toughest times of their life.

It is really important their supported. Which is why we provide information and support.

It's important their voices are heard which is why we speak up and advocate for them.

It's important ovarian cancer is diagnosed earlier which is why we raise awareness of the symptoms.

But the biggest impact we can make to the lives of women with ovarian cancer is to fast track research to find cures because the treatments women receive today are old and not very good. And we can make them better.

We want a country where ovarian cancer is not a probable death sentence for women diagnosed.

This year we have contributed over $60,000 to research and we will continue to do so.

We are investing in the future. A future where women with ovarian cancer live just as long as people diagnosed with breast and prostate cancer.

We have companies behind the biggest billboards in the world, donating their space to our New Zealand Charity, to help us raise the word. In London, New York, New Zealand and Canada. It's that urgent.

On May 8 we unite with people around the world - and ask you to join us in our call to make ovarian cancer a global priority.

If nothing is done right now, we will lose 4 million people to this disease by 2040.

The time to act is now.