World Ovarian Cancer Day

8 May

An ad you can’t miss. For a cancer you do.


Ignored. Underfunded. Just a few words that come to mind.

When something isn’t talked about, you think it’s because it’s not important. Think again.

Globally ovarian cancer is the 7th most common female cancer (and more common in developed nations) with over 300 000 women hearing the words ‘you have ovarian cancer’ every year.

For every person who dies, ovarian cancer receives over eighteen times less research funding, than prostate cancer.

It's even worse when you look at the younger women's ovarian cancer. A cancer called low-grade serous (LGS).

Low-grade isn't talking about survival, it means mostly resistant to chemotherapy. Less than half of all women survive 9 years.

This year on World Ovarian Cancer Day - women with LGS in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States are taking a stand.

Women recovering from massive surgeries. Women on chemotherapy. Women facing their mortality at an age no one should.

They've been donated space on the most prominent billboards in London and New York and hundreds of others.

An ad you can't miss. For a cancer you do.

Will you listen?

This is a passionate plea for donations to research and awareness

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"What does this cancer feel like? It feels like all your long term goals have been squeezed into a smaller time frame. I'm 28 years old and I've had multiple surgeries and multiple chemotherapies and treatments... and I still have ovarian cancer.

Before my diagnosis I had no idea about the symptoms. We need to talk about ovarian cancer. And we need research now.

I have a lot more life I want to live."

Alisi - campaign participant
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Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is the leading global charity dedicated to the younger women ovarian cancer. We work with research partners around the world to advance treatments and help women live longer.

The situation is urgent. Women's lives hang in the balance.

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A message from women

May 8 World Ovarian Cancer Day is an initiative of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

World Ovarian Cancer Day Logo: A round O with teal and purple
This year's theme is #PowerfulTogether. Behind every cancer survivor are thousands of individuals who decided to donate, fundraiser and advocate for research. Help improve outcomes for women facing ovarian cancer. We are #PowerfulTogether.

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This World Ovarian Cancer Day - life-saving change starts with you.

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Change starts with you

#Powerful Together

Behind every cancer survivor are the efforts of thousands of people who decided to donate to research.

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1 in 70 women will get ovarian cancer in their lifetime

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