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The Invisible Disability. The Hidden Side

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“Oh you’re looking so well!” I look up into a smiling, hopeful face, pressing those words reassuringly on me. Those words so familiar, so …. I used to hesitate, endure a short pause, then somewhat in a haze mumble my thanks for the compliment, (I think it’s a compliment…?), before trying to defend, or articulate the truth. “Oh yes, well I’m not too bad all things considered, but I have…” Now I just smile politely, and accept the compliment. The …

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Know The Symptoms And Push For Answers

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Low grade serous carcinoma is slow growing and my doctor has told me he thinks I had cancer for at least 18 months before being diagnosed but I can recall symptoms as far back as three years prior to diagnosis, starting with some urinary symptoms – I felt like I was peeing all the time and sometimes it hurt to pee. I also started developing gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea and constipation. I also noticed an increase in inexplicable …

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Losing My Little Sister To Ovarian Cancer

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At age 21, my little sister was diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer, after 6 years of continuous treatment she passed away at age 27. As the dust settles, and we are now three years since her passing, it becomes even more clear how much we have all lost by not having her in our lives. I always pictured growing old with Kristen. Our lives were meant to run alongside each other in unison. As time passes, it hurts to …