Ursula showing her scar which stitches from her breast bone to pubis

Ursula’s Story

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Ursula from Vienna, Austria, was diagnosed with stage 2 low-grade serous carcinoma in 2020 at the age of 40.

An architect and a happily married mother of two little boys, she had no symptoms. Her cancer was detected during an unrelated laparoscopic procedure.

“My OB-Gyn sent me a text message to come and see her, which was when I instantly knew,” she said. “The same afternoon she told me that it is one of the ‘good cancers,’ seriously! I went to see a specialist the next week and he was a lot more serious. It took about six weeks until my big debulking surgery, which felt like hell for all of us.”

Because her cancer was categorized as 2B, she was given the choice between chemo and the aromatase inhibitor Letrozole, and chose Letrozole, which was easy at first, but later she developed severe side effects from the medication.

She slid into a depression “and literally couldn’t get up for a while. Somehow and with the help of my support system, I managed to get back into life.”

“My biggest fear is that my cancer will return, knowing that treatment is limited for this rare cancer is the worst. So research in this particular field means everything to me,” she said.