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And help our cancer curing heroes save lives by supporting low-grade serous ovarian cancer research.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is a NZ registered charity. Donations to Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre are eligible for Gift Aid. Donations are in £GBP.

Aside from a small credit card fee all of your donation to Cure Our Ovarian Cancer goes to low-grade serous ovarian cancer research. Cure Our Ovarian Cancer credit card payments are processed by Stripe - the payment platform used by Amazon, Uber and Google.

You can make a one-off or regular donation. Read about the benefits of regular giving here.

Savernake Forest painting

Alex Coppock Bunce is fundraising for low-grade serous research for Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month in September.
"I am raffling one of my paintings (which are always inspired by the elements and nature). £5 per entry ( you can buy as many virtual tickets as you like!) The draw will be on 24th September 2019.
This picture is called Savernake Forest in the Spring, it is 20" x 16" (acrylics on canvas)."
For more information and to donate to this great cause go to

Diane Evans Fundraising to Support life-saving low grade serous ovarian cancer research run by The University of Edinburgh

I am living with Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer which is no longer curable. The disease has spread throughout my abdomen and into my chest.
My online raffle is £3 per ticket and will be drawn on 17th June. The winner will have a bespoke cushion made for them by me. I’m happy to make the cushion with fabric that I will provide or I will make the cushion in a fabric of your choice. If you provide the fabric I will do the rest!

June 2019 UPDATE: Diane raised £534 for low-grade serous cancer research. Thank you!

Clare and Nat posing for the camera

My wonderful friend Clare Woolford has been to hell and back on her cancer journey but remained so brave and strong, climbing mountains in the snow and walking miles in the rain to fundraise for more research, that I am just in awe of her.
Please help me raise more much needed money to put into further research and maybe they'll find a cure for Clare and many others:-)
Thanks so much, Noisy Nat xx

June 2019 UPDATE: Clare raised £120 which she donated via cheque to the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre for low-grade serous cancer research
News article of donation

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer Fundraisers

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