Libby and John Holden

Music release to benefit research

Elizabeth Holden, from Crewe, and her musician husband, John, are releasing a charity music album to raise funds for research into LGSOC by Professor Charlie Gourley’s team at the University of Edinburgh.

Elizabeth, who is a retired garden designer and song writer, was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer in 2013. Initially it was thought to be high grade serous and was being treated as such, but after seeking a second opinion, Elizabeth was re-diagnosed in 2018 with low grade.

Elizabeth says, ‘Aware that research into new treatments for LGSOC is seriously underfunded and also with the huge drop in donations due to the pandemic, we decided to release a charity song.’

‘My husband, John, is an extremely talented music composer and producer and his albums sell all over the world. John and I co-write lyrics and for his latest album, ‘Circles in Time’ (due for release in late March 2021) I had written the song ‘Circles’. The lyrics are based on my experience of living with recurrent ovarian cancer, so the song is very personal.”

‘Then John had the brilliant idea of widening the musical appeal by also releasing a new cover version of the 70s hit song by Renaissance, ‘Northern Lights’. He was already in touch with the original Renaissance bass player, Jon Camp who was only too pleased to collaborate. The track also includes other extremely well-known musicians and vocalists from the progressive music world who gave their time and talents for free. Initially, the music release was to be a two-track EP, but then many of the artists involved donated tracks of their own, so it is now a nine-track album that we have titled, ‘Together Apart’. We are absolutely blown away by their generosity and support!’

Elizabeth and John have have also produced a beautiful Video and the artwork for the album; both of which feature women with LGSOC from a number of countries, some of whom are sadly no longer with us.

CHARITY_ALBUM_COVER_TOGETHER_APART_300pxThe album will be released on Friday, 5 March 2021 and is available as a digital download at: and the music video Circles is available to watch on YouTube.

There is a minimum price but people can pay more if they wish to make a larger donation to the research.

Elizabeth and John say,
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