Low-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

We can save the lives of thousands of women but we need your help now

Support life-saving research into low-grade serous ovarian cancer - a slow growing ovarian cancer that disproportionately affects young women

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Cure Our Ovarian Cancer


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Cure Our Ovarian Cancer fundraisers

Help fellow Americans save lives by donating to a really good cause.

  1. Cure Our Ovarian Cancer Teal Heart Logo

    Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

    Your donation will be used to fund lifesaving research on low grade serous ovarian cancer
    $6,155.00 donated
  2. Amy’s Fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research

    I have a rare, frequently incurable form of ovarian cancer. In September I'm celebrating life and raising funds during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. It's a bittersweet time as I am grateful to be here, and am currently no evidence of disease (NED), but worried about what may come. Currently, there is no reliable cure for low-grade serous carcinoma. Treatments can put women in remission for a time but for at least 85% of women the cancer will come back. But we can change this. I'm hosting a fundraiser to raise critically needed funds for research. The best gift you could give is hope for my future. Hope for more time with my friends and family. For every dollar collected for this research I will either run, walk or bike a mile.
    $290.00 donated of $500.00 goal

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  1. Kim Burks

  2. Susana Canfield

    Donating to MD Anderson for low grade serous research in the name of 100,000 with this disease ❤️
  3. Kim Burks

    I was diagnosed with stage 3C Low Grade Serous Carcinoma 4 days after my 45th birthday. We need more research to help us survive and I’m so thankful to donate a small amount towards this cause. This is for my husband and 3 children. ❤️❤️
  4. Jamarial Brown

    Go. Fight. Win. Kick Ass!

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