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Cure Our Ovarian Cancer is dedicated to finding a cure for low-grade serous ovarian cancer – a rarer subtype and the type of ovarian cancer I have.  I want to join their work by raising money for their research partners and awareness about ovarian cancer.

My plan is to organize a 5K walk in Houston, Texas, on September 27, 2020, asking family, friends, and friends of friends to walk with me (in person or virtually, socially distanced, of course).  Options to support me are for people to sponsor me personally to walk, join my team and get their own sponsors and walk, or pray for me during my walk.

Why am I organizing this walk as part of the “StepUP!” Challenge?
Finding out just over 3 months ago that I had a rare cancer, Stage III Primary Low Grade Serous Ovarian and Stage III Primary Low Grade Serous Peritoneal Cancer was quite a blow to me. I had extensive surgery in May and am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  I am still coping with the anxiety of the diagnosis.  I continue to have times when I worry about my future and when I fear reoccurrence of this cancer.  I’ve learned through my support group these feelings are normal.  But organizing this walk and the global purpose for the challenge is giving me HOPE!– Hope that I can actively help my future.

In light of an 85% reoccurrence rate for this cancer and the fact that I will be taking medicine to combat this for the remainder of my life, I want to help doctors—especially Dr. Gershenson at MD Anderson—to continue research on treatments that can help prolong my life as well as the lives of other survivors.

This 5K fundraising walk allows me to take ownership of my future by providing me with the opportunity to be on the fundraising part of the team and raise money for the research part of the team that is working to advance treatment options and improve the prognosis for patients like me.

 In summary, I am eager to do all I can to support Dr. Gershenson and his fellow researchers in their quest to improve the outcomes for women battling low-grade serous ovarian cancer!

Thank you for supporting me on this journey.

Love, Nicole

Please help me  in one of the following ways:

1)  Sponsor my walk one of two ways:

  • From my Cure Our Ovarian Cancer Team page, choose the DONATE button and selecting MDAnderson. 
  • Choose the DONATE button directly in Facebook and donate through STAAR Ovarian Cancer.  Funds donated will also go to MDAnderson.

2) Join my team by getting sponsors for yourself and walking with me on September 27th in person or virtually. 

  • Email me at and I will add you to our team roster online, send you instructions, and you can begin getting sponsors.  

3)  Pray for me and the others walking on September 27th.

4) Spread the word about Ovarian Cancer.  The more people that know about Step Up for Ovarian Cancer, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family