Help Fundraise

All of the life-saving research we fund is made possible by the efforts of hundreds and thousands of incredible people just like you.

We’ve partnered with STAAR Ovarian Cancer to make it really easy to fundraise for low-grade serous ovarian cancer research. They are a US registered 503c non-profit which means donations are tax-deductible in America. Like Cure Our Ovarian Cancer they are committed to funding excellent research to improve the lives of women with low-grade serous carcinoma.

On this page you will find information on the different ways to create a fundraiser, fundraising ideas for anytime of the year and information about specific annual fundraising events you can join.

You can create a fundraising page on STAAR’s website, or through Facebook or Instagram. Scroll down to the end of this page to get started.

Fundraising Events

September Step Up Challenge

Participants walking around a track wearing teal t-shirts to raise funds for research

In September Cure Our Ovarian Cancer holds a Step Up Challenge to raise funds for research. Big or small, it’s an opportunity for people around the world to have fun, get active and encourage others to join in for a good cause.

Nicole organised a 5km walk in Houston, Texas and enlisted friends and family to help organise – dozens of people participated (pictured), over 100 people donated and together her community raised over $20 000 for research. Watch TV coverage of her event.

Visit our Step Up Challenge page to learn more.

November Teal Turkey Trot

Every November STAAR Ovarian Cancer organise their Teal Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving.

5K Run/Walk/Skip/Cycle! Whatever means you want to use to move your body, we accept it! Indoors on your Peloton? Cool. Outdoors around your neighborhood? Great too. Pushing a stroller? Yep. You walking and your child scooting along? Of course! You want to register your dog? Truly… the more, the merrier! Can’t make it 5K? No problem! Just get out and have some fun!!

Visit their 2020 page to learn more and keep an eye on their website for updates.

Looking for Fundraising Ideas?

Marathon walkers/runners wearing Cure Our Ovarian Cancer t-shirts celebrating the finish

Try a Personal Challenge

Set yourself a personal challenge such as a walk or a run, or give up something for some time (like TV/Netflix), and ask your community to sponsor you. Alternatively you could set a fundraising goal and commit to matching a % if your goal is reached. Or set a fundraising target and commit to a challenge if it’s met – for example shaving/growing a beard, shaving your head, buying lunch for your work colleagues – it’s completely up to you!

Pictured: Stewart Caithness Gray Optometrists and their half marathon fundraiser


Donate A Celebration or in Memory

Instead of receiving flowers, gifts or presents for an event you can ask your friends and family to donate to research to find better treatments for people with low-grade serous carcinoma so they can have more time with their loved ones.

Kari asked for donations instead of presents on her birthday and raised $720.

Organise an Event or Trip

Organize an event and ask your guests to make a donation to participate. It could be a dinner, wine tasting, concert, trip to a museum, scavenger hunt – your imagination is the limit!

Pictured: Maddy and her college club organised a fun gynaecological cancer trivia morning to raise funds for research

Sell Goods or Services

Wash cars, sell cookies, hold an auction, make Christmas decorations, do odd jobs in your community or donate a day’s wages to fund a cancer researcher for a day and ask others to join you.

Pictured: Mojo and her workplace cookie, cupcake and cactus in a cup fundraiser

How to Create Your Fundraiser

Through STAAR’s Website

Simply fill in the form below, and they’ll be in touch within 5 working days (usually sooner), to help you put the final touches on your personal fundraising page.

Check out Sara’s Birthday Fundraiser to see how it works.

Through Facebook and Instagram

Search for STAAR Ovarian Cancer on Facebook/Instagram fundraisers. For step by step instructions read the Facebook Fundraiser Guide and Instagram Fundraiser Guide. Remember to choose STAAR Ovarian Cancer as your non profit. Be sure to like STAAR on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with their news.